Marian Zacharski

marian zacharski


Marian Zacharski, a Polish intelligence officer  was operating under commercial cover, posing as a salesman for a Polish export firm.

The FBI arrested him in 1981. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Four years later, he was exchanged for 25 Western agents held in Soviet and East European prisons in one of the Cold War’s periodic spy swaps.

Zacharski was dubbed the "Silicon Valley spy" by the US media because of his success in stealing US defense secrets and technology.

Zacharski paid or arranged payment of $110,000 to William Holden Bell, a senior radar engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, California.

The information Bell provided on the F-15 Look Down-Shoot Down Radar, TOW anti-tank missile, Phoenix air-to-air missile, and quiet radar saved the Soviets  approximately $185 million in technological research and advanced their technology by about 5 years by permitting them to implement proven design concepts. 

The neo-Communist press in Poland hailed him as the "biggest star of Polish intelligence in the Communist era."

On 15 August, 1994  the Polish Government announced Zacharski’s appointment as head of civilian intelligence in the Office of State Protection.

On the August 17, 1994 the US Embassy delivered a démarche to the Polish Government. It noted that Zacharski was still under a life sentence in the United States and requested that Warsaw reconsider his appointment.

Zacharski withdrew his name the next day.



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