Samples of documentary film and video materials


  • Public Monuments: Bears of Perennial Wisdom to an Unstable World
  • Deportation of Poles to the USSR
  • Soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West 
  • President Wilson and the Austro-Polish Option - Wlodzimierz Szuleja, Wroclaw University
  • The French  Barriere de l'est or Cordon Sanitaire'' - Piotr Wandycz, Yale University
  • The British Outlook - Anna Cienciala, University of Kansas
  • The View of the United States - Mieczyslaw Biskupski, St. John Fisher College
  • Ukraine and Poland -  Roman Szporluk, Harvard University
  • Pilsudski's Federalism  - Janusz Cisek, Pilsudski Institute
  • The Federalist Vision of Leon Wasilewski  - Adolf Juzwenko
  • Witold Kamieniecki's Conception of the Lithuanian State - Zbigniew Wojcik, Polish Academy of Science
  • Central Europe and Poland- Henryk Bulhak
  • The Yugoslav Idea- Ivo Banac, Yale University
  • The Hungarian Critique of Wilsonianism - Peter Pastor
  • Masaryk's Slav Central Europe - Claire Nolte
  • Public Monuments and Human Values in the Second Millennium
  • The Voice of Hildergard von Bingen
  • The Jewish tradition in Poland and the Holocaust
  • America beautiful: 12345678.

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