The Treason of the Intellectuals



  Throughout that [cold] war, we were confronted with the phenomenon of the “Treason of the Intellectuals,” where large segments of our intelligentsia collaborated intellectually and politically with our enemies.  The treason took several forms, whose effects were to aid the political and ideological dimensions of the Soviet and international communist cold war against us.
      Ultimately, it was not just a war between us here and them over there.  It was a war between two visions of society, two philosophies of life.  It was a moral conflict between truth and falsehood at two different levels.
      The question is: Where did these debilitating and dangerous policies come from?  What is it that generates the treason of the intellectuals?
      The answer, I submit, is our educational system, and in particular, our elite universities, which are the most subversive institutions in American society today–more than the media, more than the movies, more than all the other influences.
      Because the rot starts in the head, and only then it spreads throughout the body.
      Parents can work hard to educate their children to be patriots and morally upright citizens.  But four years of college of the kind I experienced–where I was surrounded by a culture of drugs, sexual libertinism, political radicalism and little homework–can destroy the efforts of the best parents in America.  Add to that a few years of graduate school and the counter-cultural influence can prove to be irremediable.
      In one fell swoop, through these various premises, the intellectuals deny the existence of God; they deny that God made human life a series of moral choices; and they assert that they, through the supremacy of their human reason, and not God, are the creative intelligence of this world.
      But I would guess that 95 percent of the social scientists in America’s elite universities–or could it be 99 percent?–would not sign the Declaration of Independence if they were honest about it.  They simply do not believe in the first paragraph.  They do not believe that rights come from any Creator.  And thus, they cannot believe in the fundamental tenet of American democracy: majority rule with minority rights.  Because unless rights come from a higher authority, one with the capability to endow rights unconditionally, the majority can always attach conditions to rights or deny them to whichever minority group it chooses to victimize.

John Lenczowski