Karl Koecher



In 1965 Karl F. Koecher and his wife Hana orchestrated a phony defection from the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service

After Koecher became a naturalized U.S. citizen he worked full-time for the CIA beginning in 1973, and continued as a contract agent after 1977.

By 1982 the FBI's counterintelligence squad was getting suspicious. 

In 1984 Karl Koecher admitted that he had been spying for the East all along, and in 1986 he and Hana were traded for Natan Sharansky.

Until the Aldrich Ames case came to light in 1994, Koecher was one of of the only two moles known to have penetrated the CIA. 

The other was a long-term agent of the Chinese Intelligence Service, Larry Wu-Tai Chin.





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