Robert Hanssen


Robert Hanssen was the  FBI agent. In October 1985 he wrote a letter volunteering to spy for the Soviets.

Hanssen gave the Soviets the names of three men who were secretly working for U.S. intelligence--Sergei Motorin, Valery Martynov and Boris Yuzhin. 

This confirmed information the Soviets had already been given by Ames. 

All three were arrested when they returned to the U.S.S.R.; Martynov was nabbed when he was assigned to accompany Yurchenko on his redefection to Moscow in November 1985. Motorin and Martynov were subsequently tried and executed; Yuzhin spent six years in prison before being released in 1992.

Hanssen was arrested in February 2001 after the FBI discovered "dead drops" where he exchanged classified information with his Russian handlers.

Robert Hanssen is spending the rest of his life in a Colorado supermax penitentiary, with no chance of parole.

FBI reportedly paid $7 million to a former Russian intelligence officer to smuggle out of Moscow a secret KGB. file that unmasked Hanssen as a Soviet spy.

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