Gulag Report


Camps in the area of Mordovska


Several repatriated Iranian witnesses claim they knew of an American, Colonel Jackson, at this location in 1953, who had been kidnapped by the Soviets in Berlin.

Potma Camp #18

An Estonian witness met a U.S. POW from Korea In 1952. The POW's first name was Gary or Harry. The POW was still in camp when the witness left in the Autumn of 1953.

Camp #19

A Polish witness was the chief of a work brigade in Camp #19 in Potma, working primarily in the forest, He claimed there were a few Americans among the 17 nationalities in his brigade. Tuesday, April 4, 2000 Yavas, a former German POW met an American prisoner. John Hansen (5' 6", med build, brown hair), in August 1955, after having previously heard about him from another prisoner asearly as 1953. Hansen spoke German and Russian. [SGT John Hanson, GM2C John Hanson, and ILT John Hanson are missing from WWII. These three are among the 88 servicemembers missing from WWII with the last name of Hansen or Hanson.)