Yuri Nosenko

Yuri Nosenko was KGB Seventh Department deputy chief.

His main responsibility was the recruitment of foreign spies.

On June 5, 1962, while serving as a KGB Security Officer in Geneva, Yuri Nosenko approached the CIA for money and agreed to act as an agent-in-place. He officially defected in February 1964.

CIA Counter Intelligence Section, believed that that Nosenko was part of a disinformation campaign.

After being interviewed for several days Nosenko admitted that some aspects of his story were not true. Nosenko lied about being recalled to the Soviet Union when he defected. He later admitted that he lied, because he was afraid the CIA would not let him defect.

CIA also detected four other examples of Nosenko's lies. Nosenko falsy claimed, for example, that had personally handled the case of Lee Harvey Oswald.

He was placed in a CIA detention cell and after extensive interrogation he admitted he did in fact lie about about him being recalled was untrue.

He was then put under intense physical physical and psychological pressure. This involved him being kept in solitary confinement for 1,277 days. A light was left burning in his unheated cell for twenty-four hours a day and he was given nothing to read and his guards were ordered not to speak to him. He was given two lie detector tests and both indicated that Nosenko was lying.

Yuri Nosenko was released April 1969 and later rehabilitated. He became an adviser to the CIA and the FBI on a salary of more than $35,000 a year. He was also given a lump sum of $150,000 as payment for his ordeal.

The cases of Nosenko and  Golitsyn had widened the wedge between CIA and FBI in the late 1960s. FBI sided with Nosenko while CIA counterintelligence belied Golitsyn.



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