Sergei Bokhan


Sergei Bokhan had been appointed the second man of the GRU to the Soviet Embassy in Athens in 1974.

He was in charge of organizing anti-Western and anti-American operations in Greece. 

He was called back to Moscow in 1978, and appointed to Greece again in 1982. This time his duty was the issues concerning the activities of the terrorist organizations in Greece and misinformation.

Sergei Bokhan had requested political asylum in the USA Air Base in Athens on May 25,1985.

He revealed that the secret documents given to the Greek government, which were related to the NATO, were being systematically transferred to Moscow.

Sergei Bokhan also confirmed that Moscow obtained Stinger blueprints in 1984.

On June 26,1985, one month after Bokhan took refugee, Sterns, the US Ambassador to Athens, visited Papandreou and gave him a list containing 10 names.

Those names were the top level Greeks cooperating with the Soviet intelligence and the terrorist organizations in Greece.


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