Stanislav Levchenko 



Stanislav Levchenko was a major in the KGB.  He defected to the United States in 1979 and has been instrumental in alerting the U.S. government to Soviet espionage measures.

Levchenko graduated in 1964 from the Institute of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University with a degree in Japanese language, literature, and history. He pursued post-graduate study at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Science of the USSR, majoring in the modern history of Japan. 

During the mid-1960's, he served in several Soviet front organizations of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, where he became an authority on national liberation movements and pro-Soviet organizations of the third world. 

In 1971, he became a staff operations officer of the KGB Foreign Intelligence Service. In 1975, he was sent to Japan under cover of a bureau chief of the Soviet Magazine New Times. There, he gathered political information and implemented large-scale Soviet covert action in Japan and throughout the Far East. 

In 1979, he was promoted to the rank of major in the KGB and became chief of the Covert Action Group in the Tokyo office. 

In October of 1979, he asked the United States government for political asylum.


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