Col.  Vitaly Yurchenko


Vitaly Yurchenko, KGB colonel  defected to the United States in 1985. 

On Aug. 1, 1985 he walked into the US Embassy in Rome and defected to the CIA. 

Yurchenko passed the CIA's lie detector tests.

In the US Yurchenko was debriefed by Aldrich Ames who for a few months was already spying for the Soviet Union.  

Yurchenko did not not know that Ames was a mole. It is possible that he sensed something during the Ames's debriefings because he changed his mind and redefected to the Soviet Union three months later

On November 2, 1985,  he walked out of a Georgetown restaurant, leaving his CIA guard waiting for the check. 

Yurchenko later turned up at the Soviet residential compound in Washington  and claimed that he had been drugged, kidnapped and held in forced isolation at a secluded CIA safe house near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Yurchenko probably re-defected after his lover refused to defect with him. Some sources linked Yurchenko to a Soviet diplomat's wife in Ottawa (Svetlana Dedkov).

CIA learned from Yurchenko that Edward Howard was selling classified information to the KGB. Howard fled the United States after he was exposed by Yurchenko. He also exposed the NSA official Ronald Pelton.

Yurchenko works as a security guard for a Russian bank in Moscow.


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