Col. Stanislav Lunev


Col. Lunev was the highest-ranking spy ever to defect from the GRU. He did so in 1992 while living and working in Washington as a TASS correspondent.  

He revealed that at least half of all Russian journalists working in Washington and the United States were either GRU or KGB officers. Col. Lunev remains under the Witness Protection Program.

As his first field assignment in the GRU, Lunev was sent in 1978 to Singapore under civilian cover as a student at Nanyang University, University of Southern Seas.

In 1979 he returned to Moscow as a GRU Operational Officer, assigned to the First Special GRU's Sub-Directorate, only one military unit authorized for the recruitment of foreigners inside Russia.

In 1980, Lunev began assignment in China as a spy, claiming to be a TASS journalist.

From 1983 until 1988, Col. Lunev was the GRU Operational Officer in the First Special GRU's Sub-Directorate under cover as a TASS Correspondent.

In 1988 Col. Lunev was assigned to the GRU Field Office in Washington, D.C. as a GRU Intelligence Officer. In 1992 he defected to U.S. authorities.



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