Agents sold out by Ames



Aldrich Ames gave the Soviets the names of 25 spies. Among the most important of those he compromised (with their CIA cryptonyms):

Valery Martynov (Gentile) A KGB officer stationed in Washington, he provided crucial political details about power struggles in the Kremlin and about Soviet foreign policy and identified scientific information the KGB was trying to steal from U.S. industries. He was executed.

Adolf Tolkachev (Vanquish) Ames confirmed the KGB's earlier suspicions that this scientist was a CIA spy who had given the CIA details about Soviet MiG fighters, including their electronic guidance systems and countermeasures used to elude U.S. aircraft. He also provided drawings of Soviet stealth technology. He was arrested and executed.

Dmitri Polyakov (Tophat and Roam) A general in the GRU (military intelligence), he detailed the thinking of high-ranking Soviet military officers and provided information to the United States on Soviet antitank missiles used in the gulf war. He also told of China's plans to break with the Soviets in the early 1970s. He was arrested in July 1986 and executed.

Vladimir Potashov (Medium) He was a military expert and analyst with ties to Soviet foreign-policy makers, employed at the Institute of the U.S.A. and Canada Studies, who passed information on Soviet positions on arms control. He was arrested in July 1986 and imprisoned, but later fled and is now living in South Carolina.

Boris Yuzhin (Twine) A KGB lieutenant colonel, he photographed internal KGB reports detailing recruitment efforts in California and what technical information the KGB was trying to steal. He was arrested in December 1986 and imprisoned. He is now living in America.

Sergey Motorin (Gauze) A KGB major stationed in Washington, he leaked information about KGB operations in America's capital. He was arrested in August 1985 and executed.

Vladimir Vasilyev (Accord) Stationed in Budapest, he helped the CIA catch Clyde Lee Conrad, who had sold NATO defense plans and codes used by NATO countries to the KGB. He was executed in 1986.

Sergey Vorontsov (Cowl) He disclosed KGB operations against the U.S. Embassy in Moscow; provided the CIA with "spy dust," material the KGB sprayed on U.S. cars in Moscow to see who might be spying for the CIA. He was executed.

Gennady Varenik (Fitness) A KGB official, he told the CIA of Soviet plans to kill American soldiers and their families in Germany and blame it on German terrorists. He was arrested in East Berlin in 1985 and executed.

Sergey Fedorenko (Pyrrhic) He was a diplomat at the United Nations who disclosed the Soviets' strategic arms negotiations and disarmament positions and identified KGB agents working in New York. He escaped arrest and is living in Rhode Island.







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