Col. Sergei Tretyakov

Col. Tretyakov, was the New York deputy resident of the SVR, the successor to the KGB's foreign intelligence directorate.

Tretyakov was initially the Russian mission at Ottawa.

In 1995 was assigned to the United Nations where he was was a senior aide to Russia's veteran U.N. ambassador, Sergey Lavrov.

Tretyakov first tried to defect around 1997 but agreed to remain as an "agent in place," passing secrets to the FBI.

he defected in October 2000, when he vanished from a Russian residential compound in the Bronx with his wife, daughter and cat. The United States acknowledged his defection four months later.

He gave the FBI 5,000 secret SVR cables and more than 100 Russian intelligence reports

Tretyakov lives now in a secret location under a new name.