Oleg Gordievsky


Oleg Gordievsky was a KGB chief in London. He warned British intelligence about Soviet activities in Great Britain.

Gordievsky had risen quickly in the KGB system. He was stationed in several European capitals until named to London Station in the mid-1960s.

By 1968 he could no longer serve the big lie of Soviet Communism. His travels had demonstrated that the anti-Western propaganda emanating from Moscow was not true. He was also aware of the brutality of Soviet policy. He decided to defect to the British Secret Services, who set him to work as a double agent.

Except for an important interim assignment to the KGB archives in Moscow, he served mostly in London, every day aware that he could be found out.

In 1984 he received a routine notice to return to Moscow for debriefing. While there was nothing unusual about the trip, he felt there was something wrong. However, upon his arrival in Moscow, everything was normal. He reported to the office provided for him at the Lubyanka and attended routine meetings and briefings. One of his superiors even asked him to come to his dacha, or country house, for the weekend with other KGB colleagues.

As soon as he arrived, he was arrested. He had indeed been found out and the process began, as is usual with agents, to find out just how much damage had been done by his duplicity. He was shot up with "truth serum," and subjected to several weeks of organized interrogation. The Soviets had to know what he knew.

Gordievsky was a jogger. He told his captors that he would be more alert if allowed to maintain his daily running ritual. They agreed and sent "minders" to follow along every day at the same time along the same route. After a week his guards became complacent as he followed his routine. As Gordievsky approached a certain crossroads, he opened his closed right hand to reveal a Hershey Bar wrapper and the British secret services moved in.

It is still classified how it happened, but somehow the British were able to bundle up and transport the most wanted man in the Soviet Union out of the vastness of Russia safely back to London.

Gordievsky was identified for the KGB by Aldrich Ames in 1985



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