Michal Goleniewski

code name Sniper

Lt. Col Michal Goleniewski  the Deputy Chief of Polish Military Counter Intelligence until 1958.

Before his defection he  was in charge of the Polish military intelligence in East Berlin.

On Christmas Day in 1961, he arrived with his wife at the American military mission in Berlin and requested political asylum. He informed the Americans that he had hidden away a cache of documents in Warsaw.

A large number of documents that Goleniewski had left for the CIA in the tree trunk in Warsaw contained information stolen from the NATO command. Goleniewski claimed that some of these documents had come from a French source.

After his defection in 1961 he revealed that Gearge Blake was working for Soviets as well as several other leads.

Polish Communists sentenced Goleniewski to death.

Goleniewski died at the age of 71 in one of the New York hospitals on July 2, 1993



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