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  We will always be a nation of immigrants. But runaway immigration rates - far beyond traditional levels - are now savaging American society on many fronts. This rigorously reported, deeply humane book documents the crisis and points the way out of a government-engineered mess that benefits the rich at the expense of almost everyone else including immigrants. The immigration choices we face as a nation, and their costs, have never been presented as fully and fairly as in this book. Its moral and practical implications for America are inescapable. It resets the parameters of an explosive national debate and points the way toward a humane immigration policy that can heal the damage, honor America's best traditions and ideals, and ensure that America remains a society of opportunity for all its citizens, including immigrants

This book presents an "argument for cutting immigration on the ground that it contributes to the 'crisis of the middle class'--stagnant to falling real wages that breed deteriorating communities and crumbling families. Mr. Beck . . . advocates capping immigration to create labor shortages and so drive up wages, thus recreating the working-class prosperity of the 1950's, while forcing the adoption of labor-saving technology to cushion the impact of rising wage costs on consumers. Immigration, he argues, has been particularly harmful to blacks, whose social mobility was held back by European immigrants during Reconstruction and is held back by Hispanics today.".